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ASset Management

At Trident, we are committed to our customers and whatever they may need. That is why, years ago, we started our asset management division. We were already experts in getting the equipment to our customers, but we became experts in getting rid of equipment as well. We now help provide the equipment needed, as well as removal, disposal, or recycling. Our services cover Network and Headend equipment, even Critical power equipment. So whatever your needs are, you can count on Trident.


We provide expert advice on any questions your company may need and give you options to consider.


Have equipment that needs to be removed, we can do that. We have a team and partners that will remove your equipment, even large UPS' and Generators.

Whether the equipment removed should be resold, disposed of, or recycled we do it all. 


Critical Power

Critical Power equipment is essential for any business, especially when the business relies on an uninterrupted network. The problem is that Power equipment is usually bulky, and hard to remove.  So when the time comes to upgrade, or just get rid of the equipment, companies are faced with a challenge. That is where we come in, we deal with UPS, Generators, and DC Power Plants. We coordinate with the location, and make sure to remove the equipment quickly and effectively, meaning less hassle for our customers. Then we can dispose or resell the equipment depending on our customers desire.

Network and Headend

When it comes to Network and Headend equipment, a business can find multiple different companies that will provide them with equipment. What sets Trident apart, is that we not only provide the equipment but help with the removal and potential resale. This helps businesses maximize their profits, by making making money on their old equipment.  That is why our customers trust us, we do everything we can to help their business grow and expand.


When equipment is disposed of, there are a couple avenues available. Equipment can be scrapped or recycled, depending on what our customers need. Though its two separate types of disposal, they are similar in they dispose of the equipment with no value, and separate the valuable metals. Certificates of Destruction can be provided, as well as R2 recycling is available. 


When equipment still has value in different markets, we don't dispose of it. We have a few different options to provide our customers with a profit from their old equipment. We can just outright purchase a lot of equipment and take it ourselves, that way a company has profit right then and there. The next option is to resell the equipment, we remove the equipment, see if the equipment can be sold, and split the profit. Lastly we can offer credit from the old equipment to put towards new equipment. Multiple options that can suit any company, just let us know how we can help.

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